SoilCares Adviser - Asia (24 months)

SoilCares Adviser - Asia (24 months)

SoilCares Adviser Asia

SoilCares Adviser Asia

SoilCares Adviser - Asia (24 months)


12-month license for SoilCares Adviser Asia mobile app

Monitor key soil parameters and know the nutrient needs of the soil.

This app indicates the level of total nitrogen (N), available phosphorus (P) (Mehlich 3), and exchangeable potassium (K) in the soil, pH level, organic carbon, and cation exchange capacity (CEC) and provides at the same time a report about the nutrient needs of the soil.

The app can be used in:

  • The Philippines (Mindanao),
  • Vietnam (Dak Lak province)
  • Myanmar

Available for Android devices.


Take the next step towards precision agriculture

Know the nutrient supply of your soil with the SoilCares Adviser Asia app. Within minutes, you receive advice, not only based on nutrient requirements of your soil but also crop-specific. Have all the facts you need in your hands to determine the right fertilizer type and quantity.

The Soilcares Adviser Asia allows you to use the AgroCares Scanner for analysis of key soil parameters including total nitrogen (N), available phosphorus (P) (Mehlich 3), and exchangeable potassium (K) in the soil, as well as pH level, organic carbon and cation exchange capacity. These parameters are placed into one of three ranges: low, adequate and high. The report delivers an overview of the actual nutrient need for your crop and field size, soil status and fertilizer recommendation given in crop depended on split applications and application instructions.

Easily share and extract data

Sharing the advice report via the app is fast and simple. Furthermore, all data are available on AgroCares Portal where you can export them and use for reporting purposes or to integrate into your existing systems.

Know your clients’ soils

AgroCares Portal will give you access to all nutrient requirements of your clients in 1 overview. You can watch trends and have up-to-date data overview of all made soil analyses of your clients. You will know what kind of inputs to produce or to provide to your clients based on their soil data.

Your advisors will all work on the same base and always up-to-date

SoilCares Adviser Asia app will provide all your advisors with uniform, real-time and fact-based advise per client. All your advisors will from now on work on the same base!

Easy to calculate fertilization advice

Making a fertilizer recommendation is now an easy job. The Asian adviser app allows for crop and field size-specific nutrient need based on the soil analysis and fertilizer recommendations. 

This app is available for Android devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Please note that you need a valid license to use this app. 

This licence only works in combination with AgroCares scanner. If you don't own a scanner yet, you can order it here.

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