Insect scouting made easy! Save time and costs with the Scoutbox. Let it scan your insect traps for you and let our software tell you where harmful insects are located so you can decide what is needed to protect your crops.

With the Scoutbox you can determine whiteflies, trips and macrolophus, and it will count the number of harmful insects on up to 300 trap plates a day. 

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Scoutbox features:

A tool that revolutionizes insect scouting by combining image recognition and sophisticated machine learning algorithms. All you need to do is just push one button. Easy to use, durable, reliable and timesaving.

  • just one button
  • A built-in digital high-resolution SLR camera
  • Easy slot to insert trap plates
  • Robust and light design


How it works:

  • Slide insect trap in Scoutbox
  • Take a digital high-resolution photo
  • Let the database do the magic
  • See the scouting results on your computer


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