SCA - Europe (15 month license) & Handheld Scanner B50

Know the nutrient needs of your soil with the SoilCares Adviser Europe package and the AgroCares Scanner. This package includes a 15 month license for SoilCares Adviser Europe mobile application and the AgroCares handheld scanner. This app indicates the level of total nitrogen (N), total phosphorus (P), and exchangeable potassium (K), pH, organic matter percentage, soil temperature and cation exchange capacity (CEC) and provides at the same time a report about the nutrient needs of the soil. The SoilCares Adviser Europe is available in Poland, Hungary and Ukraine. The app is available for Android and iOS devices.

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SCA - Europe (15 month license) & Handheld Scanner B50
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AgroCares Scanner is a handheld device that relies on near-infrared sensor and a connection to AgroCares database to provide (via a mobile phone) quick, on-the-spot monitoring of nutrients in soil.

SoilCares Adviser Europe app allows you to use the AgroCares Scanner for analysis of key soil parameters including total nitrogen (N), total phosphorus (P), and exchangeable potassium (K) in the soil, as well as pH level, organic matter and cation exchange capacity. 

What do you need?

  • AgroCares Scanner
  • A smartphone with Android 5.0 or an iPhone
  • SoilCares Adviser Europe installed on your smartphone
  • A valid license to use the app
  • Internet connection

The package includes:

An annual license for the SoilCares Adviser Europe app

AgroCares Scanner that will be delivered in an aluminium case along with:

  • Calibration Cap: a cap for 'Standard Sample' and 'Background Scan' calibrations. 
  • Sample tray: a tray where the sample is scanned from. 
  • USB Cable: charging cable of the Scanner. 
  • Power sockets (2): USB adaptor + International power plugs type A and C 
  • Cleaning products: brush and dry cleaning wipes  
  • Instruction manual 
The package does not include a smartphone

How does it work?

  • You connect your smartphone to the AgroCares Scanner via Bluetooth
  • The app guides you through the soil scanning process
  • 5 scans of the soil sample are required
  • The whole procedure takes about 10 minutes
  • The final result: soil report containing the current status of your soil, suitable crop types and fertilization and management advice