Real-Time PCR diagnostic kit - Aphelenchidae RT-N-W-0201-100 reactions

The ClearDetections Bio indicator Nematode Real-Time PCR diagnostic kits are designed to detect the presence of a certain genera or family in your extracted and purified DNA. This kit contains a Real-Time PCR assay for simple, sensitive, and rapid detection of Aphelenchidae in purified DNA samples obtained from various sources. 

**This kit allows for 100 reactions


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The ClearDetections Real-Time PCR diagnostic kits enhance the accuracy of your nematode identification and detection with a yes/no genetic test. Confirm phenotypic diagnoses and replace the need for microscopy altogether. Multiple species can be combined in one PCR run, as the settings for all ClearDetections’ Real-Time PCR assays are equal.

The performance of each ClearDetections Real-Time PCR nematode identification and detection assay has been optimized for use with the ClearDetections Nematode DNA extraction & purification kits. Purchase your Nematode Real-Time PCR diagnostic kit together with one of the ClearDetections Nematode DNA extraction kit products (link) and benefit from special discount.

Included in each kit:

  • PCR mix
  • Specific primer set(s)
  • Positive amplification control (PAC)
  • Clear User Manual