Nematode DNA extraction & purification kit for suspensions & multiple cysts (Columns) EX-N-T-NDEP-50 reactions

The ClearDetections Nematode DNA extraction kit for suspensions & multiple cysts kit is designed to extract and purify DNA from nematode suspensions and/or multiple cysts.

The kit separates DNA from proteins, detergents, and low molecular weight compounds. The purified nematode DNA is suitable for downstream applications such as PCR and Real-Time PCR.

**This kit will allow you for a total of 50 reactions.

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Prepare DNA suitable for PCR, Real-Time PCR or similar downstream experiments from any nematode sample in less than three hours. ClearDetections’ nematode DNA extraction kits provide efficient and fast nematode lysis with a flexible sample throughput.

The obtained DNA extracts can be used directly for downstream applications like Real‑Time PCR using one of the ClearDetections Real-Time PCR nematode identification kits (RT-N-D/W-XXXX). See here for more information: www.cleardetections.com.

This product is in columns format, where DNA is purified using a purification column and collected in a collection tube, suitable for low number of samples per batch. This kit is also available in plate format (EX-N-P-NDEP-96): where DNA is purified using a 96 well plate and collected on a 96 well collection plate, suitable for a higher number of samples per batch. To use Plate format a centrifuge system compatible with 96-well plate is necessary. For more details please consult the user manual. 

Note: For DNA extraction from individual nematodes or single cysts, we recommend using the ClearDetections DNA extraction kit for individual nematodes & single cysts (EX-N-B-SNDE). 

Note: External Control DNA might be included in this kit, which can be determined after DNA extraction & purification with the ClearDetections Real-Time PCR diagnostic kit: RT-N-D-EXCN, for more information contact ClearDetections directly via info@cleardetections.com. 

Included in this kit:

  • Extraction buffer
  • Proteinase K solution
  • Equilibration solution
  • DNA pre-purification tubes
  • DNA purification columns
  • DNA collection tubes
  • Clear user manual